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What you are eating is dangerous.

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I was anorexic at a young age and the way you worded your post and the amount of food you are eating especially the types and how you seem to be measuring the amounts , is very close to how I started down that path. This will be detrimental to your fitness goals in the long run, as well as detrimental to the child you are breast feeding.

Meena, would you be open to trying a new milk shake for breakfast? Have you ever supplemented with protein shakes n also become a part of a challenge community to keep you motivated and accountable? I have found these two things to drive me to get in good shape. Have that one day or couple melas that we splurge a bit: just do it before 7pm. For long term success one might consider a company called Qivana — they have a product called Metaboliq which has over 30 years of research in it. This product is designed to reset and recharge your metabolism… metaboliq is designed for long term success.

I have been really impressed with the Qivana products so I started following the metaboliq program and tracking my progress on my website. You can contact me if you wish to view them yourself — text or call Good luck in your weight loss effort!!!!

Thanks for the motivation.. I started last saturday and lost about 3. Carbohydrates are stored as glycogen in the liver. Jason, what is your meal plan mon-sat?

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I am hungry all the time and want to snack a lot. In order for me to stick with a diet, I need an exact meal by meal plan. We live in the country and I want to go for walks, but we have mountain lions as well as coyotes, so the treadmill will have to be my source. Thanks for any advice. Of course simply just eating that will get you to gain weight for sure. Fruits are very good for you.

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Especially colorful ones. You know what they say an apple a day keeps a doc away. Hi guys, I really want to loose weight.. What is the best way to loose weight. I hate myself of being fat. I have no idea. Please guide me to be loose weight. Go crazy on your cheat day though.

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Yes, fruits are good for you, but this diet requires a very low intake of sugars during the week, and fruit has high levels of natural sugar. Some fruits are high in sugar. You just need to research which ones and limit the intake. If you eat foods high in sugar especially before you go to bed, these are added calories and will be stored as fat.

Fruits are awesome for replacement of a snacks but on the other hand depending on your level they are still simple sugars. Fruits are good to have. I eat one or two servings a day of strawberries or raspberries. They are lower in sugar and calories. If you really want something sweet look for things like Maltitol, stevia, and xylitol.

Hope this helps!

- Pure Fat Burning Foods The Easy Healthy Way To Permanent Fat Loss With Zero Calorie Counting

Fruits, all of them, do spike your blood sugar. They are more healthy than candy of course, full of necessary nutrients, vitamins, and fiber, but at the end of the day they are also full of sugar. This does not mean they are bad, after all sugar is a nutrient the body needs glucose. Consuming fructose or sucrose will encourage the secretion of insulin at times this is very good, however when trying to lose weight there are times in which this is not desired.

Some fruits are better than others, a cup of strawberries has only 50 calories and is really filling… other good fruits are grapefruit, apples, raspberries, blueberries and oranges. In the past month i have really started watching what i eat and i work out hard at least 4 times a week, however i have not seen a decrease in my weight and i am getting very discouraged. I have even gone to the lengths of getting a personal trainer and still nothing.

Reading this has been very inspiring and i am going to really focus only eating the foods that Brian has listed, however how does fruit play into the plan? If any of you are like me, i feel like i have tried everything, and i am ready to get the body that i know i can have. Any advice or words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated.

My dad has been a body builder and personal trainer for 25 years and when I spoke to him about my frusteration he told me a few things. And of course the more muscle you build the more calories and fat you burn by doing nothing. After the month was basically done I started to loose weight quite quickly and have lost 25lbs in two months.

Please email me dmelissa14 gmail. What you need to pay attention to is the inches that you are losing. If you are working out and eating right and not losing much weight it is very likely that you are gaining muscle weight which weighs more than fat and losing inches. Body Fat is based off of your measurements not off of your weight.

Kourtney, I have good news for you! Follow this diet as closely as you can and you will see quick results!! I worked so hard they told me they wanted to train me for one of those bodybuilding shows. The only problem was, I never lost a pound. Not in 2 years! My trainer always grilled me about my diet. When I finally ate right, I lost 12 lbs in 3 weeks. You will lose quicker since you have a little more to lose. It all starts with diet! Either allergic or sensitive two different things. But you can be reactive to a lot of foods and develop further reactive response as you go. If you take a shot of straight whiskey, it may be to strong for you to drink and you dilute it with water.

So does the body by rushing fluid into the offending food and reduce the irritation. There are other causes of too much blubber but it is beyond the scope of this page to go to deeply into it. But there is a way of solving your problem. Everybody can lose weight but not everybody knows how to. My mom, for example… hmm. Maybe this has something to do with it. Anyway, good food for thought! Kourtney, Have you gotten your thyroid checked out? If you are eating right and working out and still not losing, it might be worth it. Hi i was in the same exact boat until this last week so i started at after 4 weeks i was only at with tons of working out until last monday 7 days ago i tried something different and finally today i weighed in at !

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Email me hopefully this can help u too. Dear Melissa,,,, Hi my name is sehrish nd i m 21 years old nd married,,,, ndi have a baby boy of 5 months,,, before pregnancy i was so fit nd smart i was about 57kgs nd after delivery i gained weight horribly now i m about 79kgs can u plz help me……?????

Before I get pregnant I was only 67kg. Pls give me some advice on what to do I need to lose 20kg at least. Pls help! Stick with it Kourtney, since you have started exercising you are building muscle which weighs more then fat.